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GWC's friendly and professional leakage survey technicians are trained to the highest standards and are backed by industry-recognised water qualifications. Furthermore, we have invested in the latest leak detection technology ensuring you get reliable, accurate results, every time.

Our main areas of expertise are:
  • Leak detection surveys
  • Trunk main surveys
  • Customer leakage surveys
  • Commercial leakage surveys
  • Flow monitoring and analysis
Leak detection survey
When you contact us with a suspected leak within a given area or DMA our technicians will conduct a full and thorough survey of the problem area. This will include checks on the integrity of the zone or area and a brief assessment of commercial consumption. We will then survey all mains and fittings with a leak noise correlator and traditional sounding techniques. We also use additional equipment such as ground microphones, hydrophones and gas injection when required. The exact method of survey and equipment used will depend largely on the pipe material, availability of fittings and the pressure in the distribution system.

Leakage survey

Trunk mains survey
Trunk mains surveys are a vital part of any leakage control programme both in terms of water loss and the ability to supply and control the distribution network. However, the methods required for trunk mains leakage vary from our standard survey due to the distances and availability of fittings. We have investigated the various methods of survey and equipment in order to provide the most accurate auditable results. Upon completion of your survey, you will be given a detailed report including electronic files of all correlations completed, details of all leaks located, GPS and digital images of the surveyed fittings. All surveys are designed to provide a full audit trail for all works completed and are therefore, suitable for inclusion in your company's annual returns.

Commercial properties
The rising cost of water, leakage or excess consumption can put unnecessary pressure on your business, both in terms of cost and loss of supply. To alleviate these problems we can offer you a number of key services:
  • Leak detection
  • Leak repairs
  • Water audits
  • Water management strategies
  • Mapping and tracing
Water Audit

Domestic properties

Every one wants to reduce utility costs. At GWC, we offer a full leak location, repair and water efficiency package to domestic customers which can help to cut bills. Our friendly, professional technicians undertake repair work, relaying of services, laying of new services and all internal and external plumbing work.

Swimming Pools
Our extensive knowledge of cutting edge technology and methodology enables us to provide a full range of equipment and appropriate advice to locate leaks in swimming pools and associated pipe-work.

Gas injection
For hard to find leakage problems such as small leaks on non-metallic pipes, we offer fully equipped gas injection teams which provide services on a location only or find and fix basis. The teams are experienced in the repair of all pipe work from supply pipe to large diameter trunk mains.
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